Antwan R – Beaverton — 09/06/23

Let’s Go, Antwan!

Antwan R. of Beaverton, a devoted Scratch-it player, never discards a non-winning ticket without first entering it into the Second Chance drawing. His routine involves grabbing a few tickets whenever he fuels up, hoping for a “someday” stroke of luck.

One Tuesday morning after arriving at work, Antwan hesitantly clicked on an email titled “Prize Notification.” Skeptical, he cross-checked the Oregon Lottery’s website and, to his amazement, found his name listed among the Second Chance winners. Stunned, he shared the news with his family, and the cheers of “Let’s Go!” echoed in their inner circle.

At the claim window, Antwan, a youth basketball coach and referee, exclaimed, “I can’t believe it! This is wonderful!” The unexpected windfall brings much-needed relief to his family, especially after a challenging year marked by a drive-by shooting that affected all three sons. They are fine, but the experience left the family shaken.

Antwan plans to use his winnings for a long-overdue Jamaican vacation with his wife and a visit to his sons in El Paso. Congratulations, Antwan. Let’s Go!