Luke C – The Dalles — 01/23/24

Win For Life in WA

An ODOT employee, Luke lives in Underwood, WA but works all around Oregon. He found himself in The Dalles in early January when he made a stop into Fred Meyer. Luke will occasionally buy Scratch-it tickets, but this time he switched it up and opted for a Win for Life ticket. By the time he got home, realized he had the winning numbers, and shared his surprise with his wife of 20 years, Jillian, an ice storm had hit! A very inconvenient time for an ice storm – it kept them home and unable to claim their prize for 10 days. Once the roads were clear enough, Luke and Jillian made it into the Prize Claim Center in Wilsonville to finally get their $20,000 check! They are planning to use their winnings as part of a down payment on a new house for them and their four children – and maybe even move to Oregon!