Vivian F – Springfield — 06/22/23

Too Good to Share

Children are taught to share with their siblings, but maybe some things are just too good to share. On the way home after a day of family fun at Crater Lake, Vivian and her kids stopped by the local Dari Mart. It’s a small family tradition for Vivian to buy her kids a sweet treat while she treats herself to a Scratch-it or two.

It wasn’t until much later that evening when, after tucking her kids in bed, Vivian finally found a moment to scratch her tickets. When one of her numbers matched one of the winning numbers on her “Fine Silver” Scratch-it, she realized she’d hit the $10,000 jackpot! With Vivian’s sleepiness swiftly transformed to excitement, she just had to call her brother Frako to share the good news and make sure she wasn’t dreaming.

The next day, Vivian travelled from Springfield to the Salem Prize Claim Center with Frako by her side to provide some much-needed emotional support. Vivian isn’t sure how she’s going to spend the money, but when asked if she’s going to share with Frako, she laughed heartily and playfully replied, “No way!”