Video Lottery Application Waitlist

The Lottery maintains a waitlist of businesses who are interested in applying for a new Video Lottery retailer contract. You can join the waitlist by submitting an interest form below. You will be added to the waitlist in the order received. (Some applications are exempt from the waitlist, including sale of business, change of ownership, 100% stock buyouts, or if the business is tribally owned.) If you have questions, please contact

As of July 5, 2023, Lotteryillustration of a wall calendar with a date circled in red is processing the applicants who were already on the waitlist. (These are applicants who entered the drawings in 2022 but were not selected.) Lottery will determine whether to process additional applications periodically based on inventory and other considerations. If applications will be processed, they will be selected from the waitlist. Therefore, interested applicants are encouraged to join the waitlist. The Lottery will contact you if you are selected to move forward with the application process.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The waitlist is intended for prospective and current Lottery retailers with business locations that are licensed by the OLCC for on-premise consumption of alcohol.
  • In order to submit, your business must be currently open to the public for a minimum of nine months with an on premise liquor license, unless you qualify for a waiver. See waiver details below.

Video Lottery Interest Form

Please note that this form is not an application for a contract.

  • Please do not submit multiple entries for the same location. Duplicate submissions for the same location will be disqualified. Please submit a new form for every location (OLCC License Premise ID Number) that you are interested in applying.
  • Only new locations with no existing Video Lottery machines will be considered. Please do not use this form to request additional machines for a location that already has Video Lottery.
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Business Duration Waiver

You may qualify for a waiver of the nine-month open and operating requirement if:

  • You currently have active Video Lottery retailer contracts at two or more locations;
  • You held active Video Lottery retailer contracts at two or more locations for at least two years;
  • Your new location has the same ownership as your other current locations; and
  • Your new location follows the same business model as existing locations.

Waivers are approved at Lottery’s discretion pursuant to OAR 177-040-0017.

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You can find your business’s OLCC information here

Use this business name search to find the Entity Name

Other Questions

By eliminating temporary contracts for all new installs, we ensure that the limited number of terminals we have available will be installed at locations where they won’t need to be removed later if the regular contract is not approved.

The temporary contract process is still in place for Sale of Business, Change of Ownerships, and 100% Stock Buyouts, as well as for Traditional Lottery products. 


Yes, the selected business must be open and operating for at least nine months prior to initiating the Video Lottery application.

Retailers who meet the waiver criteria must also be open and operating to initiate the application, but they do not need to meet the nine-month threshold. See waiver criteria above and in OAR 177-040-0017.

If when selected, your business is closed for remodel, renovation, or repair, Lottery may hold the application for 90 days to allow you to resume normal operations, at which point, we can begin the application process. See OAR 177-040-0017.

We are required to place Video Lottery game terminals in retail locations that are viable businesses on their own without the benefit of selling Video Lottery (see OAR 177-040-0017). Requiring potential retailers to be open for a minimum of nine months prior to initiating an application helps us verify this.

New retailers will receive three terminals.

All potential retailers that are chosen from the list will be reviewed to identify anomalies and to make sure they meet the minimum standards. If it is identified that a potential retailer does not qualify for an application, they will be contacted by a Retail Contracts employee and a follow-up letter with an explanation will be sent.

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